Friday, January 21, 2011

Dress #26 Butterflies and Grey Chiffon Ruffles

I used these leaves for dress #26.
If anyone knows this plant's name, do add it in the comments.
Here's a closer view of the plant and its small purple flowers,
living as a shrub in partial shade in south Florida.

Dress #26 was made with only one kind of leaf, from this neighborhood plant, with a lot of water in the paint. I layered butterflies and leaves, and many greys and blues with a touch of purple-pink. The bodice is so delicate, it seems to be the perfect dress for fairies.

Waist detail.

Skirt details.

So fragile.


Bardot in Blue said...

wow these are beautiful!

so creative :-)

xoxo Bardot in Blue aka your new fan in Paris

tatianasierra said...

This is my favorite so far...

Nice Work! Tatiana

Adri M. said...

Just amazing... great work


Sara C. said...

How do you do that? it's amazing, and a very inspired idea.
I truly love it
Sara C.

from the Lady Philosopher said...


Anonymous said...

I believe the plant you got there is a porter weed. Butterflies love them!